Jungle Scout Review

2020/02/10 07:25

There are entrepreneurs and there are ambitious entrepreneurs. The difference is in the amount of money both categories intend to make from their ventures.

Jungle Scout is for those ambitious entrepreneurs who want to use Amazon as a tool to reach the peak of their businesses and fatten their bank accounts with millions of dollars.

 It was designed specifically to boost profit, while saving time and reducing stress. Check the jungle scout reviews below to know more.

About Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is a user friendly application with amazing features that are solely aimed at increasing your profit on Amazon. 

As you already know, Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, so this research tool serves as your personal guide through it. 

With jungle scout, you can discover earning possibilities on Amazon that you never even knew existed.

The Cost of Using Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout, being so valuable to your business, is not free, but it is affordable. In fact, when you really look at how well it boosts your business, you end up wondering how it is so affordable, but that is just one of the reasons why it is the best guide for you on Amazon.

The pricing of jungle scout may look complicated, but that is only because of the various plans involved. First, there is the basic offer, which costs 49 dollars per month. 

This same offer goes for 39 dollars per month if you pay per year, so you end up saving about 120 dollars.

 If you choose to get a jungle scout extension, it will cost you 39 dollars per month, but if you pay per year, it will reduce to 19 dollars per month.

There is also an investment option, which we strongly advise you to take if you want to get extra money and explore all the possibilities of this application.

 As a jungle scout investor, you will pay 69 dollars per month, but if you choose to invest per year, which is the smart thing to do. You will pay 20 dollars less, which is 49 dollars per month. 

Jungle scout works with a principle that allows you pay higher as you see results and make more sales. 

So as your sales and profits increase, so does your monthly charge, which gets subsidized greatly if you pay per year.

Jungle Scout Product Database

Features of Jungle Scout Application

You will enjoy amazing features on jungle scout, all of them, aimed at helping you nail it on Amazon, no matter your product or competition. 

There is one which helps you monitor your sales, an academy that teaches you how to use FBA, a feature that helps you vet and choose the best suppliers for any material you need, a tracker that always keeps you updated on the whereabouts of your goods, a keyword generator that always converts, and many more.

 You can even spy on your competitors. What’s more, these features are constantly being updated to serve you better! 

Chrome Extension Feature

You will be using more features than others with respect to the type of products you sell, and the chrome extension feature makes it possible for you to go through various items and pick the ones that are perfect for your business. 

The chrome extension and jungle scout searches serve you in different ways, and the choice of which to use depends on what you need at a certain time.

jungle scout review

Reviewing Chrome Extension Features

While discussing jungle scout features, you read about the ability to know what your competitors are up to.

 If you are wondering what makes that possible, it’s this chrome extension feature. The extension comes with other hot offers as well.

Jungle Scout App Vs Chrome Extension 

As stated before, the web app and extension both serve you in specific ways, it all depends on what you need at the time. To get the best value from Amazon, use both of them together.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does jungle scout have a mobile version?

You can access it through your phone, but you will not get the best out of it. It is better to use your computer.

Can I get a free trial?

No. But there is two-week money return policy in place.

Jungle Scout