Amazon Seller Central Guide

2020/02/03 19:20

Without a doubt, Amazon Central Seller has the ability to skyrocket the sales of any merchant, seeing as it offers you direct access to the largest customer base in the world’s largest e-commerce platform. The slight problem with this is that the platform might appear a little bit complex and difficult to navigate for greenhorns. 

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central app is a web-based interface designed for brand owners and product merchants and to sell their goods directly to customers on Amazon. Anyone who has an Amazon Seller Central account is regarded as a third party seller.

amazon seller central app

All third party sellers can either choose shipping, customer support and returns for every single order received from Amazon’s customers or sign up your products Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program and have Amazon take care of all these details for you. 

The issue with using FBA program is that you may discover your product being sold and listed on Amazon by unrecognized sellers, but with Amazon Seller Central, you can regulate the messaging of your products. 

How to set up an account on Seller Central Amazon? 

Setting up your Seller Central Amazon account involves knowing how the service works and making the most of it. You may begin this by checking out all the drop down menus on the top left side of the interface, it contains Inventory, Orders, Advertising, Reports, and Performance. 

“Manage FBA Inventory” is found under “Inventory” and is one you’ll work with regularly. After deciding on the product you want to sell, click on “Add product” and follow the steps. 

In “Advertising”, you’ll find tips from Amazon on how to find your target audience. This section will give you timely updates on the best marketing strategies. 

In performance, you will have access to the Account Health Dashboard that makes customer service, and product and shipping performance easier. This lets you gauge how well your business is performing. 

When you are through with exploring, the next step is to prepare for your sales. Begin by cross-checking or imputing your information(business name, billing information and method of return). You can do this by clicking on Setting and selecting Account Info from the drop-down. Also, click on Charge Methods and Return Information to ensure that these are also correct or to change input them. 

The next step is to input/change your email preferences from the Seller Account Information page. You can also update your business address, legal entity and other administrative information. You can tell your customers and the world what your business is all about by selecting “Your Information & Policies” from the Settings drop-down list. Use the “About Seller” section to write a short description of you and your brand, your logo and FAQs. 

Then lastly, patiently explore the FBA settings page and make sure that all the options are set to your preference. 

How to choose what products to sell on Amazon? 

The process of searching out profitable items to sell on Amazon can be made easier by using any of these top tools: 

IO Scout Amazon seller tools

This tool is highly recommended because of its many handy features and reliability. It gives you access to scan & report on over 150million Amazon products. Additional functions like product tracker, trends and history and Chrome extensions too will give you key insight to choose the most profitable products. 

Jungle Scout Amazon seller tools

Jungle Scout can scan/filter the massive Amazon product database to reveal some big chances in niche markets, it tracks competitors' activities and notifies you. It offers a Chrome extension that helps with important information and more.

Helium 10 Amazon seller tools

This consists of Amazon seller tools that aids in finding top-ranking keywords, spot trends, peek on what competitors are up to. It is one of the best Amazon tools available. It has large functionality and features.

Navigating the Seller Central Key Dashboard features

Menu Bar

The menu bar is located in the left hand side of the Seller Amazon Central page and contains features that enable you to view sales statistics in the category of Business Reports. 

Sales Reports

In this region, you can easily access a display of your daily sales; how much revenue you’ve made and how many units you have sold. 

Compare Sales Graph

Located below the sales report, this feature enables you to compare sales reports of various days to see how well your sales are doing when weighed against other days. 

Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Central 

Facilitates promoter payments.

Complete control over your inventory and prices. 

Enables you to create a virtual facade for your FBA business. 

Eliminates issues of logistics and VAT frauds. 

Offers you direct and quality feedback about your product. 

Amazon Seller Central offers you easy listing and proving even regardless of the fact that you are the legal owner of the product, it is a necessity for every serious minded FBA seller.