Amazon Sales Estimator / Sales Rank Calculator

2020/01/22 08:51

A lot of sellers are constantly trying to improve sales for their products on amazon. One of the ways they go about it is trying to improve their Amazon Sales Rank. 

In most cases, a good Amazon Sales Rank equals more sales. While this is not the only way to tell how well a product is selling, it is a good indicator that tells you how well an item is performing in relation to other items in similar categories. 

What is the Amazon Sales Rank?

As mentioned above, Amazon Sales Rank, also known as Best Sellers Rank(BSR) shows you how well an item is performing in any given item category within the Amazon marketplace.

With the BSR, you can tell how well your items are performing in comparison to your competitors. So if you have a BSR of 10, it means there are 9 other products in your category that have more sales volume.

How is the Amazon Sales Rank calculated?

It is unclear how Amazon calculates the amazon sales rank, this is because Amazon has failed to reveal the exact ranking calculations. This explains why there is a lot of speculations from different experts on the method Amazon uses for the calculation.

Although many have failed to crack the code, it is safe to say there are a lot of good guesses out there. For instance, it is safe to say the Amazon sales estimates are calculated from a large window of time. It takes days or weeks before sales ranks are updated. 

What is a good Amazon Sales Rank?

A good BSR is a number that falls lower on a scale of 1- 1 million. Since Amazon sales ranked on a scale of 1 million, it means the lower you are on that scale, the better your ranking.

The best position is between 1-3 since Amazon displays three top results. So, if you fall between positions 1 and 3, your products are going to get enough visibility in your category.

Three ways to improve the Amazon Sales Rank

Here are a few ways to improve your Amazon sales rank:

Create A Q and A section.

Your product copy is never complete until you write out common questions your target audience needs answers to. In most cases, if you scroll down to the lower section of the best seller in your category, you are going to find that they answer questions about their products.

Answering these questions will allow your target audience to better understand your items. In fact, you can have organic sales because of the persuasive power of the section.

Give better pricing

You can offer better pricing to win the best seller’s spot. It is understandable that you want to keep profits, but if it is possible to knock off a dollar or two to earn the BSR, then it is well worth it. 

You can use an fba amazon calculator to get an estimate of what your profit would look like after reducing your price.

Stand out from the crowd.

Many sellers on amazon use the same product copy, images, and even Q and As. By standing out with these assets, you will be able to show to your target audience that your product is different and has more to offer than the other listings.

How to determine Amazon Sales Rank using an Amazon sales estimator

amazon sales rank

If you are curious about getting the sales rank estimate of any item or category listed on Amazon, you can make use of an Amazon sales rank calculator. It is a tool that gives you relevant details about the sales of any category on the Amazon platform.

An example is the IO Scout Estimator which gives you the average monthly sales for any categories on the Amazon platform.