Amazon FBA Guide

2020/01/30 13:00

Selling on Amazon has now become one of the most popular ways of earning online as millions of people are selling different products on this platform. As a seller, you have different options to sell on Amazon, one of them being Amazon FBA. Becoming an Amazon FBA seller has a lot of benefits which is why most of the sellers are using FBA and more and more sellers are enrolling in this program every day.

In this article, we have presented a detailed guide on amazon fba business including selling on amazon fba and how to start amazon fba.

selling on amazon fba

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service provided by Amazon for the seller through which they can send and store their inventory or items in Amazon storage centers. Once you have sent your items, it is up to Amazon to pick the products, pack them securely and deliver them to your customers. It’s a great service. Isn’t it?

Amazon FBA allows you to gain more customers and is also responsible for taking care of any returns requested by the customers. However, all of this is not free and you have to pay fees for fulfillment and storage.

How does amazon fba work?

Becoming a seller on this platform is very simple. The first step is to send your products to Amazon warehouse where they will store them. It is Amazon’s responsibility to take care of your products so that they don’t get damaged or misplaced and if this happens you will get a full refund.

Now when you receive an order or orders for your product, Amazon will handle the payments through an automated process. Once all of this is done, Amazon will pick your product, pack it and deliver it to your customer. Amazon FBA service doesn’t stop here; they will also be responsible for refunds.

What are the Best Items to Sell?

Finding the most profitable items for selling on one of the biggest online retailers requires a careful and deep analysis of the niche or product data such as estimated monthly sales, product history and much more.

Doing this manually can be tough and hectic and it might not show accurate results which is why it is wise to use amazon product research tools. Below are the top three amazon product research tool along with the features they offer.

IO Scout

With more than 150 million Amazon products in its database, IO Scout is definitely a top amazon product research tool. Not only does it show you all the important product stats and data that are updated regularly but it also lets you track your competitors’ performance. The best thing about this tool is its data accuracy. Check IO Scout FBA calculator for Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout product research tool shows you a detailed product history including important product data such as best seller rank, ratings, average price, and sales, etc. It consists of a profit calculator as well. What’s more, it has a keyword research tool that helps you find the best keywords for higher product ranking and you can also find suppliers and vendors through the Jungle Scout supplier database.

Seller Labs

This Amazon tool helps you with the PPC campaign and optimizing your product listing by finding the most relevant keywords. You can also analyze your product’s performance through Seller Labs.

Advantages of FBA

The major benefit of using this service is that you don’t have to worry about storing, packing and shipping your products as all of this is done by Amazon. This way you can have access to more customers as well.

Not to mention, through Amazon FBA you can get Amazon Prime free Two-Day Shipping and free shipping for your products. Lastly, Amazon will also manage returns if your product is listed under FBA.

Final Thoughts

To become an Amazon FBA seller you have to pay some money for fulfillment and storage but the benefits you get are worth it.