3 Ways JumpSend Can Help you Sell More on Amazon

2020/02/04 10:03


If you have attempted to sell products on Amazon, you know how challenging it is to generate sales and get positive reviews from customers. There are several strategies that sellers use to boost their sales and increase customer reviews on the site. These include:

  • Use of sponsored ads
  • Offering discounts and running promotions
  • Use of Facebook ads
  • Influence marketing

But each of these strategies has its own challenges. For instance, sponsored ads are competitive and influence marketing is a challenging approach to take on. 

Though these approaches have worked for many businesses, they are not the only options that sellers can use. Several sites like Jumpsend are now available to help Amazon sellers increase their sales and get positive reviews.

What is JumpSend?

Developed by Jungle Scout creators, JumpSend Amazon is a site that provides online sellers with an easy way to reach customers. It is a promotional market designed with features that combine to help Amazon sellers to rank better in sales, get positive reviews, and increase sales. 

Key Features on JumpSend

Jumpsend has a wide range of features that help online sellers increase their online sales. Some of the most prominent features in this tool are:

  • Discounts
  • Email Campaigns
  • Product Campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Deals 
  • Keyword Search

In addition, jumpsend comes with automated tools that support its features. These include: 

  • Email automation: With this feature, Jumpsend users are able to schedule and customize their emails. The system users various parameters to trigger autoresponse emails to buyers. Some of the triggers include confirmations for:
  • Shipping 
  • Product Delivery 
  • Purchase Approvals

Handling product returns: Returns can be challenging to handle. When sellers are not able to handle them well, buyers get upset and write negative reviews. To avoid this, Jumpsend sends sellers a notification when buyers initiate the product return process. This enables sellers to manage returns more efficiently - whichkeeps customers happy.

How Does JumpSend Work?

As an online marketing tool, Jump Send works by boosting sales for Amazon sellers. This site uses coupon distribution and email automation to promote products and request customers for reviews after they have purchased products. Below are three strategies that Jumpsend uses to increase sales for Amazon sellers. 

Displaying Product Promotions

One of the factors that Amazon considers when ranking products is sales. This is where best selling items appear on the first page. For new sellers, the easiest way to increase sales is by giving discounts through the use of discount coupons. But often, discounts alone do not guarantee that buyers will find the discounted products. Jumpsend helps with directing customers to discounted products. Through the Jumpsend deals page, this site displays all items that have discounts, exposing them to an audience of 100,000 customers.

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Getting Sellers Positive Reviews

To get reviews, sellers must reach out to customers using coupons and emails. For this to work, the emails have to be sent at the right time. Jumpsend has an autoresponder feature that enables sellers to contact customers who have made purchases to request for reviews in a timely manner. Designed to help new as well as experienced Amazon sellers, Jumpsend reviews runs email campaigns that enable sellers to get organic feedback. Jumpsend also keeps track of customer reviews and sends notifications to sellers when buyers leave negative reviews. This enables sellers to resolve customer issues so they can maintain high feedback ratings.

Increasing Seller Ranking

Jump Send helps sellers to increase sales by allowing them to generate promotion codes for the products they wish to feature on the site. Discount codes work better than low pricing because when buyers come across a low priced product, the message they get is that the product is of low quality. Promotion codes also encourage buyers to write reviews. When people get quality items at discounted prices, they are likely to leave positive reviews - this helps sellers to increase sales and boost their ranking on Amazon.

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What Does not Work Well in JumpSend?

Though Jumpsend offers sellers numerous benefits, there are several disadvantages that users should be aware of. These include:

  • Achieving sales for some niches may be difficult: There is no guarantee that sales of products in all niches will get traction by using Jumpsend. It is difficult for some niches, especially those that are not popular, to interest the audience that Jumpsend has. 
  • Confusing to Sellers: Amazon sellers that are already using the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) order fulfillment option may find the system confusing. 
  • Geographic Limitations: Jumpsend can only be used by Amazon sellers who are based in the UK and the US. 
  • Reviews are not guaranteed: Jumpsend relies on increased sales to encourage customer reviews. However, they do not have an obligation to write reviews and they can choose not to.

Last Word

When it launched, Jump Send was known as Review Kick 24 hours. It adopted to Amazon's policy changes and has consistently provided quality services to its users. This system is ideal for all Amazon sellers, especially those that want to launch their ecommerce business and are looking for thoughtful and cost-effective marketing campaigns.