Jungle Scout Review

2020/02/10 07:25

There are entrepreneurs and there are ambitious entrepreneurs. The difference is in the amount of money both categories intend to make from their ventures.

Jungle Scout is for those ambitious entrepreneurs who want to use Amazon as a tool to reach the peak of their businesses and fatten their bank accounts with millions of dollars.

 It was designed specifically to boost profit, while saving time and reducing stress. Check the jungle scout reviews below to know more.

About Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is a user friendly application with amazing features that are solely aimed at increasing your profit on Amazon. 

As you already know, Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, so this research tool serves as your personal guide through it. 

With jungle scout, you can discover earning possibilities on Amazon that you never even knew existed.

The Cost of Using Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout, being so valuable to your business, is not free, but it is affordable. In fact, when you really look at how well it boosts your business, you end up wondering how it is so affordable, but that is just one of the reasons why it is the best guide for you on Amazon.

The pricing of jungle scout may look complicated, but that is only because of the various plans involved. First, there is the basic offer, which costs 49 dollars per month. 

This same offer goes for 39 dollars per month if you pay per year, so you end up saving about 120 dollars.

 If you choose to get a jungle scout extension, it will cost you 39 dollars per month, but if you pay per year, it will reduce to 19 dollars per month.

There is also an investment option, which we strongly advise you to take if you want to get extra money and explore all the possibilities of this application.

 As a jungle scout investor, you will pay 69 dollars per month, but if you choose to invest per year, which is the smart thing to do. You will pay 20 dollars less, which is 49 dollars per month. 

Jungle scout works with a principle that allows you pay higher as you see results and make more sales. 

So as your sales and profits increase, so does your monthly charge, which gets subsidized greatly if you pay per year.

Jungle Scout Product Database

Features of Jungle Scout Application

You will enjoy amazing features on jungle scout, all of them, aimed at helping you nail it on Amazon, no matter your product or competition. 

There is one which helps you monitor your sales, an academy that teaches you how to use FBA, a feature that helps you vet and choose the best suppliers for any material you need, a tracker that always keeps you updated on the whereabouts of your goods, a keyword generator that always converts, and many more.

 You can even spy on your competitors. What’s more, these features are constantly being updated to serve you better! 

Chrome Extension Feature

You will be using more features than others with respect to the type of products you sell, and the chrome extension feature makes it possible for you to go through various items and pick the ones that are perfect for your business. 

The chrome extension and jungle scout searches serve you in different ways, and the choice of which to use depends on what you need at a certain time.

jungle scout review

Reviewing Chrome Extension Features

While discussing jungle scout features, you read about the ability to know what your competitors are up to.

 If you are wondering what makes that possible, it’s this chrome extension feature. The extension comes with other hot offers as well.

Jungle Scout App Vs Chrome Extension 

As stated before, the web app and extension both serve you in specific ways, it all depends on what you need at the time. To get the best value from Amazon, use both of them together.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does jungle scout have a mobile version?

You can access it through your phone, but you will not get the best out of it. It is better to use your computer.

Can I get a free trial?

No. But there is two-week money return policy in place.

Jungle Scout

3 Ways JumpSend Can Help you Sell More on Amazon

2020/02/04 10:03


If you have attempted to sell products on Amazon, you know how challenging it is to generate sales and get positive reviews from customers. There are several strategies that sellers use to boost their sales and increase customer reviews on the site. These include:

  • Use of sponsored ads
  • Offering discounts and running promotions
  • Use of Facebook ads
  • Influence marketing

But each of these strategies has its own challenges. For instance, sponsored ads are competitive and influence marketing is a challenging approach to take on. 

Though these approaches have worked for many businesses, they are not the only options that sellers can use. Several sites like Jumpsend are now available to help Amazon sellers increase their sales and get positive reviews.

What is JumpSend?

Developed by Jungle Scout creators, JumpSend Amazon is a site that provides online sellers with an easy way to reach customers. It is a promotional market designed with features that combine to help Amazon sellers to rank better in sales, get positive reviews, and increase sales. 

Key Features on JumpSend

Jumpsend has a wide range of features that help online sellers increase their online sales. Some of the most prominent features in this tool are:

  • Discounts
  • Email Campaigns
  • Product Campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Deals 
  • Keyword Search

In addition, jumpsend comes with automated tools that support its features. These include: 

  • Email automation: With this feature, Jumpsend users are able to schedule and customize their emails. The system users various parameters to trigger autoresponse emails to buyers. Some of the triggers include confirmations for:
  • Shipping 
  • Product Delivery 
  • Purchase Approvals

Handling product returns: Returns can be challenging to handle. When sellers are not able to handle them well, buyers get upset and write negative reviews. To avoid this, Jumpsend sends sellers a notification when buyers initiate the product return process. This enables sellers to manage returns more efficiently - whichkeeps customers happy.

How Does JumpSend Work?

As an online marketing tool, Jump Send works by boosting sales for Amazon sellers. This site uses coupon distribution and email automation to promote products and request customers for reviews after they have purchased products. Below are three strategies that Jumpsend uses to increase sales for Amazon sellers. 

Displaying Product Promotions

One of the factors that Amazon considers when ranking products is sales. This is where best selling items appear on the first page. For new sellers, the easiest way to increase sales is by giving discounts through the use of discount coupons. But often, discounts alone do not guarantee that buyers will find the discounted products. Jumpsend helps with directing customers to discounted products. Through the Jumpsend deals page, this site displays all items that have discounts, exposing them to an audience of 100,000 customers.

review kick

Getting Sellers Positive Reviews

To get reviews, sellers must reach out to customers using coupons and emails. For this to work, the emails have to be sent at the right time. Jumpsend has an autoresponder feature that enables sellers to contact customers who have made purchases to request for reviews in a timely manner. Designed to help new as well as experienced Amazon sellers, Jumpsend reviews runs email campaigns that enable sellers to get organic feedback. Jumpsend also keeps track of customer reviews and sends notifications to sellers when buyers leave negative reviews. This enables sellers to resolve customer issues so they can maintain high feedback ratings.

Increasing Seller Ranking

Jump Send helps sellers to increase sales by allowing them to generate promotion codes for the products they wish to feature on the site. Discount codes work better than low pricing because when buyers come across a low priced product, the message they get is that the product is of low quality. Promotion codes also encourage buyers to write reviews. When people get quality items at discounted prices, they are likely to leave positive reviews - this helps sellers to increase sales and boost their ranking on Amazon.

jump send

What Does not Work Well in JumpSend?

Though Jumpsend offers sellers numerous benefits, there are several disadvantages that users should be aware of. These include:

  • Achieving sales for some niches may be difficult: There is no guarantee that sales of products in all niches will get traction by using Jumpsend. It is difficult for some niches, especially those that are not popular, to interest the audience that Jumpsend has. 
  • Confusing to Sellers: Amazon sellers that are already using the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) order fulfillment option may find the system confusing. 
  • Geographic Limitations: Jumpsend can only be used by Amazon sellers who are based in the UK and the US. 
  • Reviews are not guaranteed: Jumpsend relies on increased sales to encourage customer reviews. However, they do not have an obligation to write reviews and they can choose not to.

Last Word

When it launched, Jump Send was known as Review Kick 24 hours. It adopted to Amazon's policy changes and has consistently provided quality services to its users. This system is ideal for all Amazon sellers, especially those that want to launch their ecommerce business and are looking for thoughtful and cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Amazon Seller Central Guide

2020/02/03 19:20

Without a doubt, Amazon Central Seller has the ability to skyrocket the sales of any merchant, seeing as it offers you direct access to the largest customer base in the world’s largest e-commerce platform. The slight problem with this is that the platform might appear a little bit complex and difficult to navigate for greenhorns. 

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central app is a web-based interface designed for brand owners and product merchants and to sell their goods directly to customers on Amazon. Anyone who has an Amazon Seller Central account is regarded as a third party seller.

amazon seller central app

All third party sellers can either choose shipping, customer support and returns for every single order received from Amazon’s customers or sign up your products Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program and have Amazon take care of all these details for you. 

The issue with using FBA program is that you may discover your product being sold and listed on Amazon by unrecognized sellers, but with Amazon Seller Central, you can regulate the messaging of your products. 

How to set up an account on Seller Central Amazon? 

Setting up your Seller Central Amazon account involves knowing how the service works and making the most of it. You may begin this by checking out all the drop down menus on the top left side of the interface, it contains Inventory, Orders, Advertising, Reports, and Performance. 

“Manage FBA Inventory” is found under “Inventory” and is one you’ll work with regularly. After deciding on the product you want to sell, click on “Add product” and follow the steps. 

In “Advertising”, you’ll find tips from Amazon on how to find your target audience. This section will give you timely updates on the best marketing strategies. 

In performance, you will have access to the Account Health Dashboard that makes customer service, and product and shipping performance easier. This lets you gauge how well your business is performing. 

When you are through with exploring, the next step is to prepare for your sales. Begin by cross-checking or imputing your information(business name, billing information and method of return). You can do this by clicking on Setting and selecting Account Info from the drop-down. Also, click on Charge Methods and Return Information to ensure that these are also correct or to change input them. 

The next step is to input/change your email preferences from the Seller Account Information page. You can also update your business address, legal entity and other administrative information. You can tell your customers and the world what your business is all about by selecting “Your Information & Policies” from the Settings drop-down list. Use the “About Seller” section to write a short description of you and your brand, your logo and FAQs. 

Then lastly, patiently explore the FBA settings page and make sure that all the options are set to your preference. 

How to choose what products to sell on Amazon? 

The process of searching out profitable items to sell on Amazon can be made easier by using any of these top tools: 

IO Scout Amazon seller tools

This tool is highly recommended because of its many handy features and reliability. It gives you access to scan & report on over 150million Amazon products. Additional functions like product tracker, trends and history and Chrome extensions too will give you key insight to choose the most profitable products. 

Jungle Scout Amazon seller tools

Jungle Scout can scan/filter the massive Amazon product database to reveal some big chances in niche markets, it tracks competitors' activities and notifies you. It offers a Chrome extension that helps with important information and more.

Helium 10 Amazon seller tools

This consists of Amazon seller tools that aids in finding top-ranking keywords, spot trends, peek on what competitors are up to. It is one of the best Amazon tools available. It has large functionality and features.

Navigating the Seller Central Key Dashboard features

Menu Bar

The menu bar is located in the left hand side of the Seller Amazon Central page and contains features that enable you to view sales statistics in the category of Business Reports. 

Sales Reports

In this region, you can easily access a display of your daily sales; how much revenue you’ve made and how many units you have sold. 

Compare Sales Graph

Located below the sales report, this feature enables you to compare sales reports of various days to see how well your sales are doing when weighed against other days. 

Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Central 

Facilitates promoter payments.

Complete control over your inventory and prices. 

Enables you to create a virtual facade for your FBA business. 

Eliminates issues of logistics and VAT frauds. 

Offers you direct and quality feedback about your product. 

Amazon Seller Central offers you easy listing and proving even regardless of the fact that you are the legal owner of the product, it is a necessity for every serious minded FBA seller.

Amazon FBA Guide

2020/01/30 13:00

Selling on Amazon has now become one of the most popular ways of earning online as millions of people are selling different products on this platform. As a seller, you have different options to sell on Amazon, one of them being Amazon FBA. Becoming an Amazon FBA seller has a lot of benefits which is why most of the sellers are using FBA and more and more sellers are enrolling in this program every day.

In this article, we have presented a detailed guide on amazon fba business including selling on amazon fba and how to start amazon fba.

selling on amazon fba

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service provided by Amazon for the seller through which they can send and store their inventory or items in Amazon storage centers. Once you have sent your items, it is up to Amazon to pick the products, pack them securely and deliver them to your customers. It’s a great service. Isn’t it?

Amazon FBA allows you to gain more customers and is also responsible for taking care of any returns requested by the customers. However, all of this is not free and you have to pay fees for fulfillment and storage.

How does amazon fba work?

Becoming a seller on this platform is very simple. The first step is to send your products to Amazon warehouse where they will store them. It is Amazon’s responsibility to take care of your products so that they don’t get damaged or misplaced and if this happens you will get a full refund.

Now when you receive an order or orders for your product, Amazon will handle the payments through an automated process. Once all of this is done, Amazon will pick your product, pack it and deliver it to your customer. Amazon FBA service doesn’t stop here; they will also be responsible for refunds.

What are the Best Items to Sell?

Finding the most profitable items for selling on one of the biggest online retailers requires a careful and deep analysis of the niche or product data such as estimated monthly sales, product history and much more.

Doing this manually can be tough and hectic and it might not show accurate results which is why it is wise to use amazon product research tools. Below are the top three amazon product research tool along with the features they offer.

IO Scout

With more than 150 million Amazon products in its database, IO Scout is definitely a top amazon product research tool. Not only does it show you all the important product stats and data that are updated regularly but it also lets you track your competitors’ performance. The best thing about this tool is its data accuracy. Check IO Scout FBA calculator for Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout product research tool shows you a detailed product history including important product data such as best seller rank, ratings, average price, and sales, etc. It consists of a profit calculator as well. What’s more, it has a keyword research tool that helps you find the best keywords for higher product ranking and you can also find suppliers and vendors through the Jungle Scout supplier database.

Seller Labs

This Amazon tool helps you with the PPC campaign and optimizing your product listing by finding the most relevant keywords. You can also analyze your product’s performance through Seller Labs.

Advantages of FBA

The major benefit of using this service is that you don’t have to worry about storing, packing and shipping your products as all of this is done by Amazon. This way you can have access to more customers as well.

Not to mention, through Amazon FBA you can get Amazon Prime free Two-Day Shipping and free shipping for your products. Lastly, Amazon will also manage returns if your product is listed under FBA.

Final Thoughts

To become an Amazon FBA seller you have to pay some money for fulfillment and storage but the benefits you get are worth it. 

Amazon Sales Estimator / Sales Rank Calculator

2020/01/22 08:51

A lot of sellers are constantly trying to improve sales for their products on amazon. One of the ways they go about it is trying to improve their Amazon Sales Rank. 

In most cases, a good Amazon Sales Rank equals more sales. While this is not the only way to tell how well a product is selling, it is a good indicator that tells you how well an item is performing in relation to other items in similar categories. 

What is the Amazon Sales Rank?

As mentioned above, Amazon Sales Rank, also known as Best Sellers Rank(BSR) shows you how well an item is performing in any given item category within the Amazon marketplace.

With the BSR, you can tell how well your items are performing in comparison to your competitors. So if you have a BSR of 10, it means there are 9 other products in your category that have more sales volume.

How is the Amazon Sales Rank calculated?

It is unclear how Amazon calculates the amazon sales rank, this is because Amazon has failed to reveal the exact ranking calculations. This explains why there is a lot of speculations from different experts on the method Amazon uses for the calculation.

Although many have failed to crack the code, it is safe to say there are a lot of good guesses out there. For instance, it is safe to say the Amazon sales estimates are calculated from a large window of time. It takes days or weeks before sales ranks are updated. 

What is a good Amazon Sales Rank?

A good BSR is a number that falls lower on a scale of 1- 1 million. Since Amazon sales ranked on a scale of 1 million, it means the lower you are on that scale, the better your ranking.

The best position is between 1-3 since Amazon displays three top results. So, if you fall between positions 1 and 3, your products are going to get enough visibility in your category.

Three ways to improve the Amazon Sales Rank

Here are a few ways to improve your Amazon sales rank:

Create A Q and A section.

Your product copy is never complete until you write out common questions your target audience needs answers to. In most cases, if you scroll down to the lower section of the best seller in your category, you are going to find that they answer questions about their products.

Answering these questions will allow your target audience to better understand your items. In fact, you can have organic sales because of the persuasive power of the section.

Give better pricing

You can offer better pricing to win the best seller’s spot. It is understandable that you want to keep profits, but if it is possible to knock off a dollar or two to earn the BSR, then it is well worth it. 

You can use an fba amazon calculator to get an estimate of what your profit would look like after reducing your price.

Stand out from the crowd.

Many sellers on amazon use the same product copy, images, and even Q and As. By standing out with these assets, you will be able to show to your target audience that your product is different and has more to offer than the other listings.

How to determine Amazon Sales Rank using an Amazon sales estimator

amazon sales rank

If you are curious about getting the sales rank estimate of any item or category listed on Amazon, you can make use of an Amazon sales rank calculator. It is a tool that gives you relevant details about the sales of any category on the Amazon platform.

An example is the IO Scout Estimator which gives you the average monthly sales for any categories on the Amazon platform.